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Terms & Conditions
1. NO CHEATING - Cheating is considered any deliberate attempt to gain advantage on Everyone Loves A Slut.com over other sites and members.
2. NO FREE HOSTS - Websites hosted on free or sponsored hosts will not be permitted onto the site lists.
3. TRUTHFUL CONTENT - Banners, Titles, Descriptions and keywords will be truthful and non deceptive in anyway.
4. LINK BACK BANNER REQUIREMENTS - All sites are required to place our banner on their default domain page. (example: http://everyonelovesaslut.com) this is the page that opens when your domain is typed into a browser directly. Banner code is checked using an automated system and must be installed as specified.
5. TEXT LINK REQUIREMENTS - All sites are required to maintain a keyword text link on their website. This link is now included in the default banner code. Keyword text links must contain an appropriate keyword phrase. Approved phrases are "phone sex", "adult web cam", and "adult websites" variations or alternate phrases will not be accepted.
6. GOOD CONDUCT - Sites that display public and in some cases private poor content/behavior on or off of Everyone Loves A Slut.com may be removed from the site.
7. KEYWORD - Each member site receives a keyword link as part of their membership. Keyword links are expected to vary between sites. Some duplication is also expected but please do your best to maintain variety.
8. NO FRAME REDIRECTS - Frame redirects are not permitted. Sites using frame redirects render link exchanges ineffective for search engine promotion. Since search engine promotion is the #1 purpose for our banner code it makes no sense to exchange with sites that use frame redirects.
9. OTHER - We reserve the right to alter these rules at any time. Changes made to banner or link requirements will be allowed proper amounts of time
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