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Into the Fyre (Added November 08th, 2004)

The first sound she heard was the "snap" of the whip as it echoed off of the large steel door. She was already nervous with this being her first session with Goddess Fyre.The dramatic effect of the well timed sound was not helping matters. "Enter." Goddess Fyre commanded as she lit the last of many candles, filling the dungeon with a deep purple glow. As the girl walked forward she was quickly pushed to her knees. She watched in silent awe as the Goddess walked across the room. Her power evident in every step, there was no doubt in the girls mind of Goddess Fyre's confidence and ability. The Goddess returned with a thick black collar that had the word "SLUT" in silver studs on the front. As she moved to stand in front of her new slave she reached down and tugged her head back by the girls long raven ponytail and said: "You are now my possession, my slut and my plaything. Your only desire is to serve me. Your only purpose is to satisfy my every whim." A smile curving her full crimson colored lips as she placed the collar around the slaves neck. Despite the natural fear the girl was feeling she couldn't help but smile too. She knew being collared by Goddess Fyre was an honor and she was going to make sure she was a perfect slut for her owner. The Goddess then turned and began to walk towards the far wall of the dungeon."Follow me my pet," was all that was said and the slave quietly followed behind her on her hands and knees. Goddess Fyre was pleased to see her newest pet was knowledgeable enough to know better than to stand without her permission. As they reached the far wall the Goddess turned and looped her index finger into the ring of the collar and pulled the girl to her feet. She presses her body close to the slave and begins to trace the girls nipple with her finger and says "I am pleased with you so far my slut. Keep this up and I may reward you." The slaves breath quickens as she nods silently, too overcome by the amazing sensations to speak. Suddenly, the finger left her nipple and she was pushed back against the wall. It only took the Goddess a moment to fasten the restraints leaving the girl spread eagle and unable to move. The slave let out a soft gasp when the Goddess reached for the closets candle and announced "Now playtime will begin." She raised the candle and tipped it so the hot liquid drizzled and hardened over her right nipple. The slave let out a soft hiss that was cut off by the Goddesses words. "Don't you dare hold back on me whore! I want to hear you!" she said firmly. She repeated the waxing with another candle to the slaves other breast and smiled wickedly as the girl bit her lip then moaned loudly. "Very good," she praised and turned to reach into a large oak chest. She pulled out a leather flogger and proceeded to trail the tassels along the slaves abdomen. The slut shivered and closed her eyes to relish the erotic tickle of the leather, then the Goddess began to remove the restraints. The slave feared that their session was over until once again Goddess Fyre pulled her by the collar to a large bench and bent her over it. She then began to swat the girls ass with the flogger until she was satisfied with the level of pink it became. Then she turned to grab a silver strap on device and secured it on herself. She moved to place herself behind the slut and pushed the head of it against her clit and tugged her head back by her hair as she demanded "Beg me to fuck you!" The slaves response was instantaneous as she pleaded "Please Goddess, Please fuck me!" The Goddesses reply came in the form of one long hard thrust as she thrust herself deep into the sluts cunt. The slave gasped loudly with pleasure as the Goddess thrusted deeply inside her with all her force. She knew Goddess Fyre was making her into her personal whore.....and she loved every moment of it! The pounding continued far past the little sluts orgasm, even as the Goddess began to bring her palm down hard on the girls firm ass causing her to cry out. Her other hand pulled harder on the slaves hair. Then she removed the strap on from the sluts widened hole and walked over to shove it in her face. "I suggest you start sucking or you will be reprimanded!" "Yes, Goddess," the girl replied and took the entire length into her mouth. Goddess Fyre reaches down to push her head further onto the cock and commands "Clean that slut cream of yours off my toy!" The Goddess pulled it from the sluts mouth and pulled her to her feet by the ring of the collar once more and rewarded her with a kiss then said "Next session I fuck your ass." The slave replies "Yes Goddess Fyre."


Copyright © C.R. 2001

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