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Lookers Showclub - Syracuse, New York
Last Update: September 4th, 2005

I had tried to stop by Lookers one other time when I was in Syracuse and when I pulled up I realized they weren't open. I was too early and I didn't have to to hang around so I went back to finishing my errands. Last night I was heading home from a small get together with friends I was about to start passing Syracuse exits and I thought to myself Lookers isn't far from the thruway and I decided to stop by and I'm glad I did.

For starters Lookers is open until 4am on the two nights that matter most Friday & Saturday which was a big bonus because I was expecting them to close at 2am like most Clubs I've visited and it was already after 1am when I arrived. So I go in the cover charge is $10 and there's a 1 drink minimum. So I take a minute to look around hit the ATM and buy my required drink. Now this is a Totally Nude club which also means it's booze free. I pay for my drink with a $20 and get a handful of Ones in return. I take a seat next to the stage pull out a few ones and watch the show.

Now what I do at the club is between me and the girls. But here's how it works. Stage dances are the usual $1 tip and the girls put on a great show. They'll have you hold your tip in your teeth and snatch it away using the tits or if you're lucky they'll stuff em in your pants and tease you some more. Lap dances come in 2 varieties regular which are $20 and last 4 minutes or Cabaret which are $75 and last 15 minutes. If you've got a big wallet I definitely recommend Cabaret. I had a great time and the three girls I got dances from were all great. The first two were Raine and Scarlet... Raine did a great job of getting me warmed up literally cause my hands were cold when I went in. Scarlet I have to say was my favorite she was playful, sweet and definitely a hottie. The third girl was a real treat. Sadly her name is slipping my mind. I'm guessing this girl is the life of the party where ever she goes. Now I usually share details but if she didn't cum during my private dance then she sure put on a great act because I totally was buying it.

The club's web site is my one complaint! Only 5 girls are featured on the site. The web site's layout leaves a lot to be desired, and the colors are just all over the place. For a smaller site it should be simpler and much cleaner.

This club itself is relatively small but everything is done extremely well. The talent is all top notch. All my dances were first rate. 100% professional. The girls know what they're doing and it seems the management does everything they can to make the process easier on the girls. I've still got a good number of clubs to check out in Syracuse but I know I'll be making my way back to Lookers soon. Five Stars all the way!

Lookers Showclub
1400 N. Salina St.
Syracuse, NY 13208
Phone #: 315-422-5665
URL: http://lookersclub.com/
Hours: Monday-Thursday Noon - 2am, Friday Noon - 4 am, Saturday 7pm - 4am, Sunday 7pm - 2am
Features: Totally Nude, Table Dancing, VIP Area, Cabaret Suites



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