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I've renamed this area to "Club Finder " to better describe the section. The focus will still be on clubs, bars and hot spots that could be potential hot spots for sluts and hotties but I feel the name will batter reflect the area's purpose.

This is not a search engine for finding sluts in your area. Lord knows you can find those sorts of sites in your email, probably daily. We're gonna help you find some hot spots where real sluts can be found. Why? I love the online world don't get me wrong, online is great, but you can't stick you dick in a USB slot or disk drive. So first on the list is Montreal, Quebec (Canada). This is a great little town with great shopping, beautiful woman and a killer night life. For those of you that don't know Montreal is less than an hour from the USA/Canadian border and is rather easy to get to with the right directions, even if you don't speak a word of french.

What sort of treats do we have for you in Club Search. Strip Clubs, & Dance/Night Clubs are first on the list, but any place that's guaranteed to have some slutty looking babes will be considered. As I said above we're starting with Montreal because it's the best clubbing city I've ever been to and since I go back often I'll be able to add more montreal clubs to the list. For starters I'll be going over my latest recreational visit that included trips to the Hard Rock Cafe and Club Super Sexe. Next time around I plan to visit Triple X, another great strip club that is actually run by a porn star (Tangerine Dream), and I hope to hit Living one of Montreal's best night clubs and the Vatican another club that's listed in the top ten on several Montreal night life best of lists. Unfortunately my favorite Montreal Night Club (Metropolis) is no longer a Dance Club, so I can't review it for you, but I'll be happy to try and find a replacement for my #1 Montreal Night Club.

Experts! If you consider yourself an expert on the nightlife in any major or semi major city please feel free to offer your knowledge here. The review of one major strip club or hot dance club will get your city on the map at Everyone Loves A Slut.com. Once we have a few more reviews I'll be making a few changes here to accommodate the extra locations and reviews.

As always "Titties and Beer" Eric @ Everyone Loves A Slut.com 


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