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Classified Ads Submission
Classified Ads on are minimalist style. By that I mean bare minimum. Any info for actual contact and interaction with clients or partners, depending on your reason for posting should be contained on your own website. If you do not have your own site visit and set one up.

Ads will be automatically rejected if you post duplicate content.
This includes Ad Title, Ad Text, Site URL, Image URL, and Email Address.

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As you fill in the form below this Preview Area will change to let you see what your ad will look like after filling in the form. All ads are limited to 200 character in the ad and 30 in the title. 
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Image URL
Images exceeding 400 x 400 will result in the ad being deleted.

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More About Classified Ads

  • Ads expire automatically after 31 days...
  • Ad expiration will halt if total ads drops below 26.
  • Maximum Image Size is 400px X 400px, if either of an ad's image dimensions exceeds 400 it will be deleted...
  • When an ad expires it can not be re-posted for 7 days...
  • Over Posting, and Duplicate Posting will get ads deleted.
  • Ads may be deleted at any time and without warning.
  • There should not be any more than 30 ads from any commercial
    (phone sex or web cam) site.
  • All fields are required to post your ad.
  • Do not include phone numbers, or email addressed in your ad text.
  • Real World meetings are not encouraged, visitors to the site are not screened, tested or registered in any way. We ask that anyone planning on meeting someone they "meet" online to do so in a public place and with friends if and when possible. Meeting a phone sex client or web cam client for an intimate meeting in most states can be considered prostitution.

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