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Oral Sex: Tips for Her and Him

By: Tracey Cox

Tips for you doing it to him:

  • Act like you want to be there. A woman who's performing simply because she has to is the number-one passion killer.
  • Don't bite (unless he asks for it). Keep your teeth covered at all times with your lips.
  • Don't be too rough. Yanking back the foreskin, sucking too hard, pumping up and down like you're trying to draw water from a dry well ... it ain't nice!
  • Educate yourself. Ask your boyfriend what he likes, your girlfriends what work for them and pay attention to sex scenes in books and movies. The more you find out and read up about, the better.
  • Don't act as if semen is poison. You don't have to swallow, but you don't need to run out of the room either. Don't leave him in the lurch -- switch to using your hand or let him leave a little mess elsewhere on your body.

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