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The Modern Day Phone Sex Operator
(added to everyonelovesaslut.com on December 12th, 2005)

By: Bailey Adams,

What comes to mind when you think phone sex operator?
A woman sitting behind a desk in a room full of cubicles brightly lit faking orgasms and eating twinkies? Women of all walks of life going to work just like any other job, punching a time clock for 8 full hours of moaning, groaning, and phone boning? Do talk shows come to mind where they always show just overweight women and you think every phone sex operator is a BBW sitting at home pretending to be someone they are not?
Many years ago these preconceived notions may have been true, but today these statements couldn't be further from the truth. Technology alone has advanced various industries and the phone sex business is not exempt as it is thriving like never before. Women and men from all walks of life are joining in on the porn bandwagon and raking in the dollars. Married women, black women, bisexual women, lesbians, shemales, and women who've never even had phone sex in their entire adult lives are now exposing themselves on websites for the world to see in order to get your business and keep you cumming back! The internet has not only succeeded in expanding marketing capabilities for phone sex entrepreneurs, it's allowed women and men to start up websites and with hard work become a thriving business and tough competitor for others in the business.
Truth is people are attracted to all different types of people and from small breasted women to shemales, men and women are buying into phone sex and webcam businesses more and more each day. What turns one on may not necessarily turn the next one on, so in internet land you can find anything your heart desires and then some! The internet allows us to do searches for specific types of phone sex. You have dominant women, submissive women, phone sex fetish sites, gay phone sex, any type of phone sex for any type of fetish or fantasy. You'll find sites and rates for every budget, every desire. More importantly, you'll find every type of woman out there from BBW's to barely legals ... shemales to sluts. You'll find women that spend a great deal on professional photos and look better than any woman you've ever seen, and women who use webcams that produce not so attractive pictures but often not high quality photos.
In other words, the modern phone sex operator could be the girl next door, your boss, your sister, your wife, your brother, even your own mother. Not all are perfect and not all are beautiful. But all have one quality to market, sex... and sex SELLS!
The modern day phone sex operator is not just a woman anymore nor are they actresses. Many women are learning more, enjoying more and using phone sex as a way to relieve that sexual tension we all possess at one time or another. Women are becoming bolder, more sexually aggressive, uninhibited, learning more and they are truly enjoying the mutual masturbation calls, role-plays, and fantasy calls they take daily. Not every phone sex operator is pretending to use toys, she REALLY has them and is more than willing to crank those batteries up and cum bucket loads for you.
Authors URL: http://callmommydearest.com/

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