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Online Meetings
(written for and added to everyonelovesaslut.com on August. 16th, 2004)

By: Webmaster,

First meetings almost always make a person feel nervous, but in today's age of online socializing, first meetings can be a very odd situation, sometimes even dangerous. If you're lucky you're special online friend has sent you pictures and you've taken time to talk on the phone and you know quite a bit about one another. Before meeting your online friend make 100% certain that you are ready and that you trust the person you are meeting. When meeting someone that you do not really know you need to be skeptical. I'm going to start with the most common first online meeting.
Fun times ahead... Meeting your online buddy for the first time might seem like the greatest possible thing you could do. First example of a good idea turned really bad... The online party. My first "online party" was actually a lot of fun. Not because everyone turned out the way I had expected but because they didn't. I saw a 300 pound, 50 year old woman flash her flapjacks to some patrons at the bar. In her AOL profile she's 29 and just a tad on the chunky side with big round titties. She must have one of those circus mirrors. The best looking guy from the chat room, turned out to be a switch hitter, but he usually was batting for the other team. I was also hit on numerous times even though I was clearly with someone. The parties are fun but you've gotta have the right attitude,, and possibly some mace.
The hotness, the sluts and the ohmyfuckinggodgetawayfrommes. There's always a few people that just look better than everyone else at an online party. The girls that fall in that group tend to be snobs or sluts... (or both) but lets not take that statement to mean that all the sluts are good looking. The nice thing about being online is you can hide who you really are from people. Girls that get around can say I've only been with a few guys... three hours later you're wondering if she learned a few tricks the last time the Harlem Globe Trotters were in town (on and off the court).
Online sluts... They tend to be well schooled in the art of fucking from lots of practice and because they frequent certain locals rooms their reps tend to be easily learned about. So you'll know who the sluts are, who they've been with, plus if she happens to be unclean it's very probable that someone in her chat rooms knows about it.
The one on one meet... This I don't really suggest. But if you insist this should be done in neutral territory. You should not be meeting for sex during your first meeting, and you certainly need to let someone know where you are going and who it is with. Stick to places with people and avoid heavy boozing if this person turns out to be someone you don't want to be around you don't want to be shitfaced when you realize it, or better yet hung over and waking up. Sluts and Gents be careful it's easier to be duped in this situation.
Back to the online party. If you're really looking for a slut, or if you're a slut looking for some dick, online parties are almost a sure thing. Just don't let standards get in your way. If you want to roll a fattie, and I don't mean a blunt, online parties are a guaranteed score. If you want to hit it with an older woman, again almost guaranteed. But the kicker... 18 and 19 year olds frequent these parties too, and they put out for beer, shots, and girlie drinks sometimes to more than one person a night or even at once.
The final word... online meetings when done in numbers are a good friendly thing. Be careful of one to one meetings. Online parties are full of drunk, slutty, desperate, lonely woman so pick one up and take her to the conveniently located hotel near you for some good slutty action.

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